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Claudius Cell

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Title: Claudius Cell  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Cochlear cupula, Crista ampullaris, Sulcus spiralis externus, Sulcus spiralis internus, Superior ligament of incus
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Claudius Cell

Cladius Cells are considered as supporting cells within the Cochlea. These cells extend from Hensen's cells to the spiral prominence epithelium, forming the Outer Sulcus. They are in direct contact with the endolymph of the Scala media. These cells are sealed via tight junctions that prevent flow of Endolymph between them. Boettcher cell are located immediately under Claudius cells[1] in the lower turn of the cochlea.[2]

Claudius cells are named after German anatomist, Friedrich Matthias Claudius (1822-1869).


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