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Moon Girl

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Title: Moon Girl  
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Moon Girl

Moon Girl
Moon Girl #6 (1949)
Publication information
Publisher EC Comics
Red 5 Comics
First appearance Moon Girl and the Prince #1 (Fall 1947)
Created by Max Gaines
Gardner Fox
Sheldon Moldoff
In-story information
Alter ego Clare Lune

Moon Girl (Clare Lune) is a fictional character published by EC Comics. Created by Max Gaines, Gardner Fox and Sheldon Moldoff. Moon Girl is a character from the Golden Age of Comic Books and has since slipped into the public domain.[1]

Publication history

The original EC Moon Girl title went through a number of name changes (and a final genre change) as explained by Mark James Estren in his A History of Underground Comics:

A trend toward crime and adventure comics was developing, and E.C. was in the forefront - staying in the field of love comics and Western stories as well. But the special E.C. style was emerging fast as the forties waned. It was a style that never took itself completely seriously; when an adventure comic did not make it after three titles were tried (Moon Girl and the Prince, then simply Moon Girl, then Moon Girl Fights Crime), the book was changed to a love comic with completely different settings and characters, but with an oddly familiar title: A Moon, a Girl... Romance. (Moon Girl #5, by the way, had a story with a title that looked forward to the great horror comics of a few years later: "The Corpse with Will Power.")[2]

Moon Girl and the Prince lasted a single issue, and ran as Moon Girl for issues #2-6. It became Moon Girl Fights Crime! for two issues, before concluding its run as A Moon, a Girl...Romance with issues #9-12. Moon Girl appears only in the story "I Was a Heart Pirate" in issue #9 and in no subsequent issue. The series continued as Weird Fantasy beginning with issue #13.[3]

The Moon Girl story is one of two credited with starting the trend in horror comics at EC.[4]

In 2010, Moon Girl was rebooted as a comiXology title by Tony Trov, Johnny Zito and Rahzzah.[5][6] This new story was then published in printed form as a five-part comic book series by Red 5 Comics starting in May 2011.

Fictional character biography (comiXology version)

2010 version of Moon Girl

Claire Lune is a foreign princess living in America. She fights crime under the name Moon Girl while a moon rock grants her powers beyond those of regular humans.[6]


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