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Title: SecureCRT  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Cryptographic software, List of terminal emulators, RSA BSAFE, Zfone, Cryptographic engineering
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SecureCRT for Windows 7 connected to several servers
Developer(s) VanDyke Software
Initial release October 4, 1995 (1995-10-04)
Stable release 7.2.1 / January 16, 2014 (2014-01-16)
Development status Active
Platform Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix
Type Terminal emulator
License Proprietary
Website VanDyke Software, Inc.

SecureCRT is a commercial SSH and Telnet client and terminal emulator by VanDyke Software. Originally a Windows product, VanDyke has recently added a Mac OS X version[1] and Linux version.[2]


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SecureCRT is a GUI-based telnet client and terminal emulator which started out life as CRT, which was released in the autumn of 1995.[3][4] Originally released as a premium version of CRT with support for SSH encryption, SecureCRT later replaced the CRT product entirely. These programs are part of a line of networking software which includes SecureFX, a file transfer client with SSL capability which replaced their earlier AbsoluteFTP product and VShell, which is a SSH server. SecureCRT and SecureFX can be started from within each other and use a combined host information list. A separately-sold pack of command-line tools (e.g., scp, modeled after the Unix command of the same name) for use with VShell is also sold by the company. All of the above are commercialware.


  • Graphical user interface with tab support and configurable sessions
  • Extensive protocol support (SSH1, SSH2, Telnet, Telnet over SSL, Rlogin, Serial, TAPI)
  • Support for a large number of ciphers: AES-128, AES-192, AES-256, AES-128-CTR, AES-192-CTR, AES-256-CTR, Twofish, Blowfish, 3DES, and RC4
  • Advanced SSH features including public key assistant, X.509, smart card and GSSAPI support, X11 forwarding, tunneling of other protocols,
  • Advanced terminal emulation capabilities (VT100, VT102, VT220, ANSI, SCO ANSI, Wyse 50/60, Xterm, and Linux terminals) with full Unicode support
  • 128,000-line scrollback and unlimited logging capabilities
  • WSH Scripting support, meaning it can be programmed in VBScript, JScript, PerlScript, ooRexxScript, PythonScript, TclScript, PHPScript, variants of Delphi, Rexx, Basic, and any other available WSH scripting engines.
  • File transfers available via SecureFX integration
  • FIPS compliance[5][6]

VanDyke Software has further information on their web site.


SecureCRT runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, Windows 8. It also runs on the Windows Server series of operating systems.[7] For Windows Vista and later, a 64-bit version is available for download.

SecureCRT is also available for Mac OS X[8][9] and Linux.


SecureCRT is a popular choice among system and network administrators.[10] A free trial of SecureCRT is available.[11] Registration is required; the trial version will stop working after 30 days.

Export restrictions

SecureCRT is developed in New Mexico, and is therefore subject to United States export restrictions.

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External links

  • SecureCRT product page at VanDyke Software
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