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The Ward (film)


The Ward (film)

The Ward
UK One sheet for the film.
Directed by John Carpenter
Produced by Doug Mankoff
Peter Block
Mike Marcus
Andrew Spaulding
Written by Michael Rasmussen
Shawn Rasmussen
Starring Amber Heard
Mamie Gummer
Danielle Panabaker
Lyndsy Fonseca
Mika Boorem
Jared Harris
Music by Mark Kilian
Cinematography Yaron Orbach
Edited by Patrick McMahon
Echo Lake Entertainment
A Bigger Boat
FilmNation Entertainment
Distributed by ARC Entertainment
XLrator Media[1]
Release dates
  • September 13, 2010 (2010-09-13) (Toronto Film Festival)
  • July 8, 2011 (2011-07-08) (United States)
Running time 89 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $10 million (estimated)
Box office $7,760 (US)[2]
$5,069,499 (Worldwide)

The Ward is a 2010 American psychological horror film directed by John Carpenter.[3] It stars Amber Heard, Mamie Gummer, Danielle Panabaker and Jared Harris. The story revolves around a young institutionalized woman named Kristen (Amber Heard) who is haunted by a mysterious and deadly zombie-like ghost.[4] As danger creeps closer, she comes to realize that this ghost might be darker than anything she ever could have imagined.[5][6]

The movie was filmed on location at the Eastern State Hospital in Medical Lake, Washington.[7][8] It is Carpenter's first full-length feature film since Ghosts of Mars in 2001.


In rural Oregon, at the North Bend Psychiatric Hospital in 1966, a young patient named Tammy is attacked and killed by an unseen force during the night.

Kristen (Amber Heard), a troubled young woman, sets fire to an abandoned farmhouse and shortly arrested therafter. The local police take her to North Bend where she meets the other patients in the ward: Iris (Lyndsy Fonseca), Sarah (Danielle Panabaker), Emily (Mamie Gummer), and Zoey (Laura Leigh). Kristen is taken to the room which was previously Tammy's and meets her therapist, Dr. Stringer (Jared Harris). She is unable to recall anything about her past. Later, she awakens in the middle of the night and sees a horribly disfigured figure staring at her. While she is with Iris and Emily, Kristen sees two people looking at her from Dr. Stringer's office, but the girls give no clue as to who they are. While taking a shower, Kristen is attacked by the disfigured figure, but upon telling the nurse this, she is drugged and put through intense electroshock therapy. During a session with Dr. Stringer, Iris mentions Tammy but is then immediately halted by the doctor.

In a therapy session, Dr. Stringer uses hypnotherapy to unlock Iris' hidden memories. After the session, Iris is killed by the disfigured figure. Kristen tries to discover what happened to her friend. In Iris's sketchbook, she finds a sketch of the figure that had attacked her, with the name Alice Hudson written on top. (Alice was a patient at the hospital.) That night, despite Sarah and Zoey's warning that it is nearly impossible to leave, Kristen and Emily attempt to find Iris and escape. However, the alarm is triggered. Kristen is thwarted by Alice's ghost and is rendered unconscious. She reawakens in her room, and it is revealed that Emily was caught.

On her way to an appointment with Dr. Stringer, Sarah flirts with a nurse but is rejected. She goes to the other girls and asks Kristen what happened to her plan and also seemingly gives her a clue that they did not find Iris because they were "not looking into the right places." After bickering with Emily, she is electrocuted and killed by Alice's ghost. Kristen notices Sarah is missing. She learns that Zoey's doll formerly belonged to Alice, so she forces Zoey to tell her what is happening. She finds out that all of the girls had killed Alice, led by Tammy, because Alice constantly hurt them. Now the ghost is after them for revenge. Emily attempts to commit suicide, thinking she is doomed. Kristen attempts to stop her, but Alice's ghost appears again and kills Emily by slashing her throat. Kristen plans a last attempt to escape by holding Zoey as a pretend hostage. Their attempt is thwarted by Roy. She is drugged and placed in a straitjacket. However, she manages to escape and takes Zoey with her to try and escape again. Zoey is captured by the ghost and killed off-screen. After a lengthly chase around the hospital, Kristen manages to kill the ghost. Finding Dr Stringer's office, she finds Alice Hudson's patient file, which details her treatments and each one of the girl's names, including Kristen herself.

Dr. Stringer, catching Kristen in his office, then reveals that Kristen is actually one of many split personalities of the real Alice Hudson. Its also revealed that Alice was kidnapped as a young child and sexually abused by an unknown assailant eight years previous. Alice was left chained up for two months in the basement of the same farmhouse "Kristen" had burned down; in order to survive the trauma, her mind began to suffer from multiple personality disorder, creating each one of the girls from the Ward as a different personality. Over time, Alice's own personality became so overwhelmed by that of the others that she became lost. Dr. Stringer attempted experimental techniques to bring back Alice's own personality back to reality, resulting in the manifestation of a "ghost" that was killing all of the other girls. He explains that her treatments were working until "Kristen" appeared, yet another invention of Alice's mind to protect itself from reliving the trauma back at the farmhouse. After this revelation, Alice's ghost appears and throws herself and "Kristen" out of the window, reawakening Alice.

Alice's parents, whom she had seen earlier in Dr. Stringer's office, come to take her home because she is finally fully treated. After gathering her belongings, Alice takes one last look around her room. Upon opening her cabinet, "Kristen" suddenly comes out and attacks her, and the camera cuts to black.


  • Amber Heard as Kristen, the main protagonist. A girl with no memories of her life but the strong belief that she is not crazy. She feels the constant need to escape the ward no matter the cost. She is the first in noticing the other girls are disappearing and that a vengeful ghost might be the one behind it.[9]
  • Mamie Gummer as Emily. She is tough and free-spirited but also the one who mostly acts in wild, insane manner, annoys the other patients, and calls everyone crazy, which often starts conflict among girls especially between her and Sarah. Initially, she tries to intimidate and scare Kristen, but eventually, Kristen's strength makes her admire her. She hides a guilty feeling inside her though it seems unlikely she will open to it.
  • Danielle Panabaker as Sarah, a vain, beautiful redhead and the flirtatious one of the group. She flirts with a male nurse but is turned down because she is a mental patient. She often puts down the other girls through her snobbish and snooty disposition.[10]
  • Laura-Leigh as Zoey, a girl who has suffered emotional trauma so severe that she keeps acting and dressing like a little girl. She carries around a stuffed rabbit everywhere she goes. She seems oppressed by the others due to her instant trust in Kristen.
  • Lyndsy Fonseca as Iris, artistically talented and prim and proper, she is the first of the girls in befriending Kristen. She is nice and kind to everyone. She also carries a sketchbook where she likes to draw. She seems to be the most aware of their situation in the ward since she explains Kristen everything about their seclusion.[11]
  • Mika Boorem as Alice, a girl who used to be a patient at the ward but is nowhere to be found anymore. Kristen tries to find out what happened to her during her time at the Ward.
  • Jared Harris as Dr. Stringer, the girls' psychiatrist. He seems hopeful in curing Kristen, though his real intentions seem mysterious the whole time.[12]
  • Sydney Sweeney as Young Alice, a young girl who Kristen sees in flashbacks, both hands chained in a cellar. Nothing is really explained about her in the beginning.[13]
  • Dan Anderson as Roy, the chief orderly at the ward. Serious and unpredictable, tries to maintain order inside the ward. He is the main target of Sarah's flirting.
  • Susanna Burney as Nurse Lundt, the chief nurse at the ward. Tends to consider Kristen a loose end, and constantly tries to act without the authority of Dr. Stringer.
  • Sali Sayler as Tammy, a girl who disappears from the ward unexpectedly. Her disappearance upsets the other girls. Her empty room is later occupied by Kristen. She is the mastermind behind Alice's "death" at the hands of the girls.
  • Mark Chamberlin as Mr. Hudson, the sad man (as Emily describes him and his wife). They constantly visit the ward and are often seen watching the girls from a window.
  • Jillian Kramer as Monster Alice, the ghost responsible for the disappearances. Using surgical tools as torture means on her victims. Not much is clear about her rather than the fact that she is getting rid of the girls one by one.


The film was shot on location in Spokane, Washington and at the Eastern State Hospital in Medical Lake, Washington.[8]


The first footage revealed from the movie was on French channel Canal+.[14]

The film premiered on September 13 at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival.[15]

The full trailer for the film was released on January 7, 2011. The Ward was released in the UK on January 21, 2011 with a 15 viewing age rating.

After its debut in a handful of film festivals in late 2010, The Ward was released in US theatres on July 8, 2011.

The Ward was released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc in the UK on 24 October 2011.


The Ward received mixed to negative reviews from critics. Film review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a 32% on the Tomatometer, with a rating of 4.4/10 based on 69 reviews.[16] Metacritic gave The Ward a 38 out of a 100, with 18 critics giving it a generally unfavorable review.[17] Horror film review site called it "A modern effort by a seasoned veteran that may not be as effective as some of his own work, but is just as good as most the films in mainstream horror today." [18]

However, its rating is 5.6/10 after 26,045 ratings on IMDB, indicating that the public had a more positive opinion of it than the critics.


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