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1924 College Football All-America Team

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Title: 1924 College Football All-America Team  
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Subject: Ed Weir, Rutgers Scarlet Knights football, Don Miller (American football), Adam Walsh (American football), Homer Hazel, Edwin C. Horrell, Ducky Pond, August W. Farwick, Edward Slaughter, Yale Bulldogs football
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1924 College Football All-America Team

The 1924 College Football All-America team consists of American football players selected to the College Football All-America Teams selected by various organizations in 1924.

All-Americans of 1924


  • Jim Lawson, Stanford (WC-2; AAB; FW; ASM-1; NEA; BE-1; DW-2; WE-2)
  • Richard Luman, Yale (AAB; INS; LP-1; BE-2; DW-1; WE-1)
  • Henry Wakefield, Vanderbilt (WC-2; INS; NEA; LP-1; BE-1; NB-1; DW-1; WE-3; BC)
  • Charles Berry, Lafayette (WC-1; ASM-2; DW-3)
  • Henry Bjorkman, Dartmouth (WC-1; ASM-2; LIB; NB-2; WE-1)
  • Craig, Penn (NB-1)
  • Edmond Stout, Princeton (FW; ASM-1)
  • Hilary F. Mahaney, Holy Cross (WC-3; FW; BE-2; DW-2; WE-2)
  • Lowell Otte, Iowa (LP-2; DW-3; WE-3)
  • Cal Hubbard, Centenary (College and Pro Football Hall of Fame) (LP-2)
  • Frazer, Army (WC-3)
  • Pulaski, Wisconsin (NB-2)
  • Frank Rokusek, Illinois (NB-3; BC)
  • Shep Bingham, Yale (NB-3)
  • Henderson, Cornell (ASM-3)
  • Muhl, Illinois (ASM-3)


  • Ed Weir, Nebraska (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-1; AAB; FW; ASM-1; INS; LIB; LP-2; BE-2; NB-1; DW-1; WE-1; BC)
  • Ed McGinley, Penn (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-1; AAB; INS; NEA; BE-1; DW-1; WE-2)
  • Bob Beattie, Princeton (WC-2; NEA; BE-1; NB-2; DW-2; WE-1)
  • Frank Gowdy, Chicago (WC-3; FW; ASM-1; LIB; LP-1; DW-2; WE-2)
  • Johnny H. Joss, Yale (LP-1)
  • Mordecai Starobin, Syracuse (NB-1)
  • Tom Edwards, Michigan (LP-2)
  • John W. Hancock, Iowa (ASM-2; BE-2; NB-2; BC)
  • Pappy Waldorf, Syracuse (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-2)
  • Zonar "Zeke" Wissinger, Pittsburgh (WC-3)
  • Jim Taylor, Georgia (NB-3)
  • Jules Prevost, Penn State (ASM-2; NB-3)
  • Anderson, So. California (ASM-2; DW-3; WE-3)
  • Joe Bach, Notre Dame (DW-3)
  • Tex Cox, Minnesota (ASM-3)
  • Van Dyne, Missouri (WE-3)


  • Carl Diehl, Dartmouth (INS; LIB; NEA; BE-1; DW-1; NB-1; WE-3)
  • Joe Pondelik, Chicago (WC-2; AAB; INS; ASM-2; LIB; LP-1; DW-1; WE-1)
  • Edliff Slaughter, Michigan (WC-1; LP-1; BE-2; NB-1; BC)
  • August "Gus" Farwick, Army (AAB; NEA; ASM-2; BE-1; NB-2; DW-2; WE-1)
  • Alton Papworth, Penn (FW; ASM-1)
  • Walter "Red" Mahan, West Virginia (WC-3; BE-2)
  • Herbert Sturhahn, Yale (College Football Hall of Fame) (DW-2)
  • Howard, Princeton (LP-2)
  • Parsons, Northwestern (LP-2; WE-3)
  • George Abramson, Minnesota (WC-2; NB-2; WE-2; BC)
  • Bill Fleckenstein, Iowa (WC-3)
  • Bill Buckler, Alabama (NB-3)
  • William House, Penn State (NB-3)
  • Goodwin, Georgia Tech (DW-3)
  • Ellinger, Army (DW-3)
  • Hills, Princeton (ASM-2)
  • Bieberstein, Wisconsin (ASM-3)


  • Edwin "Babe" Horrell, California (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-1 [g]; INS; ASM-3; LIB; NEA; BE-1; DW-1; WE-1)
  • Adam Walsh, Notre Dame (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-3; LP-1; ASM-2; BE-2; NB-2; DW-2; WE-2; BC)
  • Edgar Garbisch, Army (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-1; FW; ASM-1 [g]; NB-3; DW-3; WE-2 [g])
  • Shorty Propst, Alabama (LP-2)
  • Winslow Lovejoy, Yale (WC-2; AAB; FW; ASM-1; NB-1; WE-3)


  • Harry Stuhldreher, Notre Dame (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-1; AAB; INS; ASM-2; LIB; NEA; LP-1; BE-1; NB-1; DW-1; WE-1)
  • Eddie Dooley, Dartmouth (FW; ASM-1; BE-2; DW-2; WE-2)
  • Herb Covington, Centre (DW-3)
  • Leland Parkin, Iowa (LP-2; NB-3; WE-3)
  • Jacob Slagle, Princeton (WC-2)
  • Vernon "Skippy" Stivers, Idaho (WC-3)
  • Charles Darling, Boston College (LIB; NB-2)
  • Tod Rockwell, Michigan (BC)
  • Elbert Bloodgood, Nebraska (ASM-3)




NCAA recognized selectors for 1924

Other selectors

  • ASM = All-Sports Magazine, selected from a combined vote of 312 prominent football coaches, officials and sport writers in all sections of the country, "representing the opinions of the best informed critics in all parts of the country, appear in the December number of All-Sports Magazine."[3][4]
  • NB = Norman E. Brown[5]
  • LP = Lawrence Perry[6]
  • BE = Billy Evans[7]
  • DW = Davis J. Walsh, sports editor of the International News Service[8]
  • WE = Walter Eckersall for the Chicago Tribune[9]
  • BC = Bruno Crenna[10]

Bold = Consensus All-American[11]

  • 1 – First-team selection
  • 2 – Second-team selection
  • 3 – Third-team selection


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