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Scary Movie 3

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Title: Scary Movie 3  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Denise Richards, Simon Rex, Kevin Hart, Leslie Nielsen, List of 2003 box office number-one films in Canada
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Scary Movie 3

Scary Movie 3
Theatrical poster of Scary Movie 3.
Directed by David Zucker
Produced by Robert K. Weiss
David Zucker
Written by Craig Mazin
Pat Proft
Based on Characters Created by
Shawn Wayans
Marlon Wayans
Buddy Johnson
Phil Beauman
Jason Friedberg
Aaron Seltzer
Starring Anna Faris
Anthony Anderson
Leslie Nielsen
Charlie Sheen
Simon Rex
Regina Hall
Kevin Hart
Camryn Manheim
George Carlin
Pamela Anderson
Jenny McCarthy
Drew Mikuska
Jianna Ballard
Denise Richards
Music by James L. Venable
Edited by Jon Poll
Dimension Films
Brad Grey Pictures
Distributed by Miramax Films
Release dates
  • October 20, 2003 (2003-10-20) (Los Angeles, California, premiere)
  • October 24, 2003 (2003-10-24) (United States/Canada)
Running time 85 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $48 million[1]
Box office $220,673,217

Scary Movie 3 is a 2003 American science fiction horror comedy parody film, which parodies the horror, sci-fi, and mystery genres, directed by David Zucker. It is the third film of the Scary Movie franchise, as well as the first to have no involvement from the Wayans family. This is most evident as the characters of Shorty Meeks and Ray Wilkins, previously played by Shawn Wayans and Marlon Wayans, do not appear, nor are they referenced. The film's plot significantly parodies the films The Ring, Signs, The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded and 8 Mile. It is also the first film of two in the series to star Leslie Nielsen. Scary Movie 3 opened to mixed reviews from critics, who praised its consistent humor and satire, but criticized many other aspects such as casting, synopsis and pacing. The film was a box-office success, grossing $220,673,217 worldwide.


Katie (Simon Rex) discover a crop circle, saying "Attack Here!" (Signs).

Meanwhile, Cindy Campbell (Denise Richards).

During Brenda's wake, George and Mahalik, through a misunderstanding, wreak havoc on Brenda's corpse in attempt to revive her, only to blow up her body and end up getting kicked out of the house. Later, Cindy decides to watch the tape, finding it odd. She then gets a phone call, saying she'll die in a week. She calls George, CJ and Mahalik for help. CJ offers that his Aunt Shaneequa might be able to help. Aunt Shaneequa (Queen Latifah), the Matrix Oracle, and her husband Orpheus (Eddie Griffin) agree to watch the tape. Shaneequa discovers the hidden image of a lighthouse, and gets into a fight with Tabitha's mother. Shaneequa tells Cindy to find the lighthouse to break the curse. When Cindy returns home, she finds Cody watched the tape.

Back at work, Cindy searches through pictures of lighthouses before finding the one from the tape. Desperate to save Cody, Cindy tries to warn everyone by entering a message into the news anchor's teleprompter, but she is interrupted by her boss and a janitor who insults the manager on the teleprompter (which the anchorman blindly recites). The Logans hear the message and take it seriously since they encountered an alien disguised as Pootie Tang and returned it to Blockbuster instead, unleashing the curse.

Returning home, Cindy discovers her station has been broadcasting the evil tape for hours, and there have been various sightings of aliens around the world. Worse, Cody is missing. Cindy manages to track him back to the Logan farm, where he has taken refuge with George. Tom orders everybody into the basement for safety, as he, George and Mahalik go outside to fight off the extraterrestrials. The aliens (voiced by Tom Kenny) arrive but reveal they are friendly and have come to stop Tabitha, since they accidentally watched the tape on a broadcast they had intercepted, thinking it was Pootie Tang.

In the basement, Cindy realizes the farm's cellar is what is seen on the tape and she finds the well where Tabitha was drowned under the cellar floor. Suddenly, Tabitha appears behind her. A short fight ensues, during which Tabitha takes Cody hostage. Cindy and George appeal to her, offering her a place in their family. Tabitha appears to accept the offer, but then changes back to her monstrous form and advances to Cindy and the others, only to be accidentally knocked back into the well by President Harris. The aliens leave in peace, and Cindy and George get married. Leaving for their honeymoon, they realize they forget to take Cody with them. At first, Cody is about to get hit by Cindy's car in an intersection, but she put the brakes this time to prevent it from happening, much to Cody's relief. Unfortunately, another car passes by on the intersection and hits Cody.


There were four posters. The first poster spoofed Signs where the signs are shaved on the back of someones hair with a small house on top on the hair and on the top left of the hair is a comb. The second poster spoofed The Ring where there are two rings with a small circle inside each ring and at the bottom of the poster is an upside down triangle. The header reads "You'd die to see these rings". The third poster spoofed Catch Me If You Can where a woman in her bikini, who is screaming is running away from a blue alien. The header reads "catch her if you can". The fourth and final poster is the original poster as in the first two Scary Movie films where sitting in the back are Orpheus, Oracle and President Baxter Harris and sitting in the front row are Simon Rex, Mahalik, Cindy Campbell and Tom Logan with Annie Logan sitting on his right knee. MJ alien is sitting in the far back and the background spoofing the signs poster. The header reads "Great trilogies come in threes".

Alternate scenes

The DVD edition includes a director's audio commentary, several deleted scenes and alternative endings (with optional commentary). A "3.5" special DVD was also released, and contained several more deleted scenes than the original DVD, with an unrated version of the film.

In the alternate ending, Cindy is told Cody does not exist. After hitting a few people in the face with a shovel, Cindy asks everybody who is not real to stand over at a different spot. Cody goes over there, but is followed by The Hulk. President Harris tries to hulk out, but ends up soiling his pants. Cindy enters the Logan House, where she is attacked by Tabitha. She is teleported away to Aunt Shaneequa, who teaches her how to defeat Tabitha. Cindy must then confront hundreds of Tabithas. She wins the battle by performing moves from The Matrix and teleports back to the Logan House. The cast then gets into a car with the President, but are horrified to learn that the driver happens to be M. Night Shyamalan.

One of the scenes that appeared on the Extended DVD named Scary Movie 3.5 was part of the unrated feature. After Pamela Anderson and Jenny McCarthy shut off the TV, the two compliment each other on their good looks. Anderson then asks if McCarthy wants her "shaved pussy", but this turns out to be a furless kitten.

In an extended scene, the person who runs Cody down at the end is shown to be Michael Jackson.


This main film parodied several film, including The Ring, Signs, The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded and 8 Mile.[2] Also parodied Minority Report, BASEketball, Lord of the Rings, The Sixth Sense, The Others, Pootie Tang, Airplane!, and Air Force One.[3][4]


The score for the film was composed by James L. Venable. The original soundtrack was released on October 24, 2003, and features hip-hop artists such as Buku Wise, Delinquent Habits, Dame Lee, Kebyar, and others.[5] Frank Fitzpatrick served as Music Supervisor for the film and soundtrack. Fitzpatrick produced and co-wrote the majority of original songs used for the feature.[6]


The film opened at the number one spot with $48,113,770, already recovering its budget and making it the highest debuting Scary Movie to date. It was also the highest weekend debut for a Fall and October release until it was broken by another threequel, Jackass 3D. In its second week takings declined to $20,017,468 but it still claimed the top spot for a second week running. At the end of its box office run, Scary Movie 3 grossed $110,003,217 in the U.S. and $110,670,000 internationally making $220,673,217 in total. It was an enormous box office success, raking in more than the previous installment but $58 million less than the first.

Reviews were mixed but the consensus was that it was a marked improvement on the previous installment. The film received a 36% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 49% on Metacritic.[7][8] This is the first film in the series to be rated PG-13. (The first two films were R-rated.)


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