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Katholischer Studentenverein Askania-Burgundia Berlin

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Title: Katholischer Studentenverein Askania-Burgundia Berlin  
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Subject: Roman Catholic Church in Germany, Organisations based in Berlin
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Katholischer Studentenverein Askania-Burgundia Berlin

The emblem of the community is a golden trefoil cross on a black ground
The Roman Catholic fraternity Askania-Burgundia is the founding fraternity of the Kartellverband katholischer deutscher Studentenvereine (KV). It is a Catholic Studentenverbindung. The headquarters of Askania-Burgundia are located in Berlin, Germany. Based on the Roman Catholic faith, Askania-Burgundia strictly refuses academic fencing. Its members do not wear couleur. Askania-Burgundia's principles are religio (religion), scientia (science) and amicitia (friendship).


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Kulturkampf (literally, "culture struggle") in the late 19th century the fraternity became an important meeting point for Catholic students in Berlin.


Askania-Burgundia's members are all male. Among its members, there are several German chancellors like Konrad Adenauer as well as industrial managers such as Heinrich Nordhoff, chief of the Volkswagen company, and several famous scientists. The membership is only open to baptized students of the universities in Berlin and Brandenburg. The requirements to the members in respect to capability of teamwork and in respect to academic accomplishment are severe.

Address of the Headquarters

Askania-Burgundia, Pücklerstrasse 24, 14195 Berlin-Dahlem, Germany


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External links

  • Homepage of the fraternity
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