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Supergirl (U.S. TV series)

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Title: Supergirl (U.S. TV series)  
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Supergirl (U.S. TV series)

Based on Characters 
by Jerry Siegel
Joe Shuster
Otto Binder
Al Plastino
Developed by
Composer(s) Blake Neely
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 2 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)
  • Sarah Schechter
  • Ali Adler
  • Andrew Kreisberg
  • Greg Berlanti
Camera setup Single-camera
Running time 45 minutes
Production company(s)
Distributor Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Original channel CBS
Picture format HDTV 1080i
Audio format Dolby Digital 5.1
Original release October 26, 2015 (2015-10-26) – present (present)
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Supergirl is an American television series developed by Ali Adler, Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg, that airs on CBS. It is based on the DC Comics character Supergirl (Kara Zor-El) created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino, and stars Melissa Benoist as the title character. Supergirl is a costumed superhero who is the biological cousin to Superman and one of the last surviving Kryptonians. The series was officially picked up on May 6, 2015 after receiving a series commitment in September 2014, and premiered on October 26, 2015.


  • Premise 1
  • Cast and characters 2
    • Main 2.1
    • Recurring 2.2
    • Guest 2.3
  • Episodes 3
  • Production 4
    • Development 4.1
    • Design 4.2
    • Filming 4.3
  • Broadcast 5
  • Reception 6
  • Relation to the Arrowverse 7
  • References 8
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Twenty-four-year-old Kara Zor-El, who was taken in by the Danvers family when she was 13 after being sent away from Krypton, must learn to embrace her powers after previously hiding them.[1] The Danvers family teaches Kara to be careful with her powers, until she has to reveal them during an unexpected disaster, setting her on her journey of heroism even when it comes to protecting National City.[2]

Cast and characters


A 24-year-old Kryptonian living in National City who must embrace her powers after previously hiding them.[1][3][4] She is Cat Grant's assistant at CatCo.[5] Benoist expressed her excitement over portraying the character, and being able to "[tell] a story about a human being really realizing their potential and their strength".[6] Claire Holt and Gemma Atkinson were considered for the role.[7][8][9] Malina Weissman portrays a young Kara.[10]
A former Daily Planet photographer living and working in National City for Cat Grant as her new Art Director and potential love interest for Kara.[4][5][11]
  • Chyler Leigh as Alex Danvers: Kara's adoptive sister. She is a doctor and scientist and works for Henshaw at the DEO.[5][12][13] Jordan Mazarati plays a young Alex.[14]
  • Jeremy Jordan as Winslow "Winn" Schott, Jr.:
A tech expert who works alongside Kara at CatCo. He shares the name with the DC Comics character Toyman,[5][15] who happens to be his father.[16] He serves as an ally to Supergirl and another suitor for Kara besides James Olsen.
A former CIA agent and current head of the Department of Extra-Normal Operations (DEO), who goes on high alert when Supergirl reveals herself, worried that her otherworldly abilities pose a threat to humankind.[5][12]
  • Calista Flockhart as Cat Grant: The founder of media conglomerate CatCo, who feels, since she "branded" Kara as 'Supergirl', that she has proprietary custody over the new hero.[5][17]


Kara's biological mother and the latter's twin sister. Alura's guidance proves invaluable in Kara’s journey,[18] while Astra plots to rule the Earth and make Kara pay for her mother's sins.[19]
A powerful military general and overprotective father to both Lucy and Lois whose arrival in National City stirs up trouble for Supergirl when he enlists her in a dangerous government initiative.[27]
A former scientist in league with the House of El and a brutal Kryptonian military officer who is sinister, powerful and angry - the antithesis of all things Supergirl stands for. He will quickly become her greatest threat.[28][29][30]


Red Tornado is an android designed by Morrow as the ultimate super-weapon that soon becomes sentient, posing a danger to National City – including the people Supergirl cares about most.[29][34]
  • Justice Leak as Hellgrammite: An alien escapee from Fort Rozz, based on the DC Comics character Hellgrammite.[35]
  • Levi Miller will portray Carter Grant: The son of Cat Grant who is sensitive, shy and has a crush on Supergirl, which he confesses to his babysitter Kara.[36]
  • [28]
  • Faran Tahir as The Commander: An alien military expert who's leading the forces aligned against Supergirl.[37]
  • Owain Yeoman as Vartox: An alien convict who has been hiding on Earth for the past twelve years and seeks a battle with Supergirl after she emerges.[38]


No.  Title  Directed by  Written by  Original air date  Production
U.S. viewers
1 "Pilot" Glen Winter Story by: Greg Berlanti & Ali Adler & Andrew Kreisberg
Teleplay by: Ali Adler
October 26, 2015 (2015-10-26) 276088 12.96[39]
A young girl named Kara Zor-El is sent to Earth by her mother Alura to protect her cousin, Kal-El, as their planet, Krypton, destructs. The planet's explosion forces her ship off course and into the Phantom Zone, where she stays for 24 years before landing on Earth. Kal-El, now an adult and going by the name Superman, puts Kara in the care of the Danvers. Twelve years later, Kara is forced to reveal herself to the world when her adoptive sister's plane is sabotaged and she must save everyone. Her sister, Alex, is revealed to be working at the Department of Extra-Normal Operations, under the leadership of Hank Henshaw, investigating alien activity. She learns that there are hundreds of aliens on the planet in hiding, most whom came from a prison that crashed on Earth when she did, and that her mother was the one responsible for imprisoning the intergalactic criminals. Her actions attract the attention of Vartox, and with guidance from Alex she is able to finally defeat him. New art director James Olsen reveals he was sent to look after her and presents Kara with a gift from Superman, a new cape for her costume. Vartox's superior is revealed to be Astra, Alura's twin sister, who wants to conquer Earth.
2 "Stronger Together" Glen Winter Story by: Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg
Teleplay by: Andrew Kreisberg and Ali Adler
November 2, 2015 (2015-11-02) TBA TBD
In a effort to put a positive image on Supergirl in the wake of a serious mishap, Kara asks Winn and James to help perfect her skills, while Hank and Alex puts Kara through extensive training. Meanwhile Kara learns that a insect-like alien escapee from Fort Rozz, Hellgrammite, is searching for food but is being used by Astra to lure Kara by taking advantage of using a trap set up by the DEO and baiting Alex. The trap works, except it would be Hank who weakens Astra with a Kryptonite knife and Alex killing Hellgrammite. Astra learns of Kara's powers becoming more powerful than she imagined in addition that humanity has means for countering Kryptonians, while it’s revealed that Hank's eyes have turned red. Cat pressure James to get her a interview with Supergirl, despite his reservations to let Kara go through with it, but in the end Kara agrees to the interview.
3 "Fight or Flight"[40] Dermott Downs Michael Grassi and Rachel Shukert November 9, 2015 (2015-11-09) TBA TBD
4 "How Does She Do It?"[41] Thor Freudenthal Yahlin Chang and Ted Sullivan November 16, 2015 (2015-11-16) TBA TBD
5 "Livewire"[42] Kevin Tancharoen Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Caitlin Parrish November 23, 2015 (2015-11-23) TBA TBD

Steve Shill will direct an episode in the season.[43]



By September 2014, Warner Bros. Television was looking to create a television series centered around Supergirl. Executive producers for the series include Greg Berlanti (also a creator/producer for Arrow and The Flash), Ali Adler, who are both writing the script, and Berlanti Productions' Sarah Schechter. DC ComicsGeoff Johns is also expected to be part of the project. Titles under consideration for the series included Super and Girl.[44] Berlanti confirmed the show shortly after, and stated it was in development and had yet to be pitched to networks.[45] On September 19, it was announced that CBS had landed Supergirl with a series commitment,[1] with an expected premiere in 2015 of the 2015–16 television season.[17] In January 2015, CBS Entertainment Chairman Nina Tassler revealed the show would be a procedural, saying, "There will be [crime] cases, but what [executive producers] Ali Adler and Greg Berlanti pitched was a real series arc for her. The beauty of it is now with shows like The Good Wife and Madam Secretary, you can have serialized story elements woven into a case of the week. She’s a crime solver, so she’s going to have to solve a crime."[46]

In January 2015, it was announced by the Hollywood Reporter that Melissa Benoist would star as Supergirl.[47] Benoist later revealed that auditioning for the part was "was a long, drawn-out, three-month process";[48] she was the first actress looked at for the role.[26]

In March 2015, Blake Neely, composer for Arrow and The Flash, revealed he would be composing for Supergirl.[49] The show was officially picked up to series on May 6, 2015.[50] It was originally set to premiere in November 2015,[51] before being moved up to October 26, 2015.[52] The pilot episode was screened at San Diego Comic-Con International 2015 on July 8 and 11, 2015.[53]

In July 2015, Adler spoke on how much influence Superman would have on the show, saying, "Our prototype is the way the president is seen on Veep. It’s certainly [inspired by] so much of what Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ character goes through. Ultimately, this is a show about Supergirl and we really want to see it through her lens."[54]


Supergirl's design was intended to be a modern take on the classic look of the character.

The costume for Supergirl was created by Colleen Atwood, who also designed the costumes for Arrow and The Flash.[46] Benoist stated that she is aware of the costume worn by Kara in the comic books, and expressed that the "micro-mini hemline" of the skirt could be "a little daunting [...] but that's good. I like being pushed."[6] Promotional photos of Benoist wearing Atwood's design were released on March 6, 2015. Atwood indicated that she wanted to "embrace the past [...] but more importantly, thrust her into the street-style action hero of today."[55][56] Atwood later revealed details about the costume such as the cape being fastened to an undersuit as not to pull the costume and that the fabric used was Eurojersey.[57]

Reception of the costume upon its reveal was mixed. Entertainment Weekly‍ '​s Natalie Abrams commented that the new look of the costume looks and feels different in a good way. The new costume avoids exposing the character's midriff, as it does in the comic books, as well as having Benoist wear stockings underneath the skirt with knee-high boots. Abrams compared the texture of the costume to that worn by Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel, as well as the positioning of the cape on the suit, and the decision to do away with the bright blue and red color scheme.[58] Andrew Dyce, from Screen Rant, found the new costume to perfectly balance itself between classic nostalgia and modernism.[59] The Washington Post noted that Atwood's design was successful, praising her ability to take "cartoon-y tints" and moving them to darker tones.[60]

E! Online was less impressed with the design, negatively comparing it to a "cheap Halloween costume", with washed out colors, and not buying into the "gritty, 'street style'" look Atwood was intending.[61] TV Guide questioned Atwood's design, and noted that although the promotional image has Benoist trying to appear as a powerful hero, the thigh-high boots and pleated skirt comes across as a "model advertising a moderately-priced Halloween costume".[62]


In February 2015, it was announced that Andrew Kreisberg, co-creator of Arrow and The Flash, had joined the series as a writer and executive producer;[12] and Arrow / The Flash and Smallville alum Glen Winter was announced to be directing the pilot.[63] Principal photography for the pilot took place from March 4[64] to March 29, 2015.[65] Filming locations included the Warner Bros. lot, where Lois and Clark was shot.[66]


In Canada, Supergirl premiered as a simulcast with the American broadcast,[67] while it premiered three days later on October 29 in the United Kingdom.[68]


Review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes gave the series a 97% approval rating with an average rating of 7.5/10 based on 63 reviews. The site's consensus states: "Melissa Benoist shines as Superman's plucky little cousin in Supergirl, a family-friendly comic-book adaptation that ditches cynicism for heart."[69] Metacritic, which uses a weighted average, assigned a score of 75 out of 100 based on reviews from 32 critics, indicating "Generally favorable reviews".[70] Cliff Wheatley of IGN gave the pilot episode a 7/10, praising Melissa Benoist's performance as Kara and the fun take on the Superman mythos.[71]

Relation to the Arrowverse

In November 2014, Berlanti expressed interest in Supergirl existing in the Arrowverse, the same universe as his other series Arrow and The Flash,[72][73] and in January 2015, The CW president Mark Pedowitz revealed that he was also open to a crossover between the series and networks (due to Berlanti executive producing all three and The CW co-owned by CBS). However, CBS Entertainment chair Nina Tassler stated that month that, "those two shows are on a different network. So I think we'll keep Supergirl to ourselves for a while."[74] In August 2015, Tassler revealed that while there were no plans at the time to do crossover storylines, the three series would have crossover promotions.[75] Pedowitz later revealed he regretted passing on the series when presented it in mid-2014 saying, "We hadn’t launched The Flash yet, we weren’t ready to take on another DC property. In hindsight we probably should’ve gone that direction… Sometime you lose great shows."[76]


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