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Disclosure Project Briefing Document : Prepared for: Members of the Press, Members of United States Government, and Members of the US Scientific Community

By: Steven M. Greer; Theodore C. Loder III, Ph.D.

ABSTRACT – Purpose of The Disclosure Project Briefing Document This briefing document was written to provide an overview of a public disclosure of the very complex UFO/ET (Unidentified Flying Object/ExtraTerrestrial) subject and provide background materials and references for individuals to start their own research. This subject is inherently overwhelming as it touches on broad and profound implications for the future of mankind on our planet from both an intellectual and a technological perspective. We have provided recommended actions for different stakeholders(including the press, the public, congress, the military, the scientific establishment,the president of the US, and the members of the UFO/ET control groups). These recommendations should help smooth the disclosure process, making this issue the subject of open and informed discussion, both within our government and the public sectors. The background materials include the following types of information: 1) Summaries of video taped testimony of military, government and private first-hand witnesses to UFO/ET events. 2) A series of position papers describing the background his...

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