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Under the Thelián Sky: Beyond the Great Unknown

By: frank olvera

Under The Thelián Sky: Beyond the Great Unknown (updated cover)As everyone knows, God created mankind to his image (Genesis 01:27). What mankind does not know is that God did not create man on Earth, but rather on MARS! When Mars could not sustain life anymore, mankind had to escape the planet and colonized Earth. Many years later, a study was written about the survival of mankind in Sol Four (Mars) and its struggle in Sol Three (Earth). We proved to be a species that has survived wars, slavery and other forms of abuse — always holding on to our faith in God. Doctor Ajidán Edejèm, after finding out that his world was going to die, embarks in the dangerous mission to rescue as many people as possible and search for a new world. All the while, the government wants to keep everything quiet and even kill him for telling others about the unavoidable doom. “We discovered that the seismic activity is increasing and becoming more frequent causing volcanic eruptions, which increase the volume of sulfates in the atmosphere and break down Ozone. In other words, the atmosphere of this planet is bleeding into space. At the rate these p...

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