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The Great Galactic Treasure Hunt : A Science Fiction Adventure: A Science Fiction Adventure

By: Ingo Potsch; Ingo Potsch

The Great Galactic Treasure Hunt follows a number of individuals who for some reason or the other didn’t make it in the densely populated, highly civilised worlds of the big states; often consisting of a large number of inhabited planets with many billions of citizen on each world. There, life is safe and orderly, well-regulated, tidy and highly controlled. The vast majority of individuals of all described species lives on such worlds; and they like their life there. Yet, some just don’t fit in or feel that they don’t and some just can’t make it there. These take to the free areas of the galaxy, here anyone with the will to succeed can make it and find happiness; or the premature violent end, death by accident or predators, illness or starvation. Anyone can go there and be lucky to quench the thrust for freedom, success, and gold, or die by the plain old thirst of water. The Great Galactic Treasure Hunt begins with a few such adventurers who are on their way to new exploits, trying to test the limits of their luck again. Soon, some of them come together to better pursue their common interest with mutual support and travel together t...

When the gigantic trans-galactic cargo ship Ostia entered the hyperspace Arcus Stream, it was high noon local time right under it on a planet named Vato Lehibe. She had left the stationary orbit around Vato Lehibe early in the morning. Vato Lehibe was a booming mining planet. Its rock was of a deep red colour and contained high concentrations of aluminium and other metals. As the resources’ deposits began just under the surface, scrap mining was possible and profitable. The Arcus Stream was a kind of swift canal through hyperspace that allowed very fast travel, even for hyperspace terms. Outside the strong wall of the huge spaceship, wavelike trails of misty appearance rushed by. Actually, it was the Ostia that rushed through pas them. She was not only one of the biggest spaceships ever built but also one of the fastest. The Ostia carried passengers, good, and even other, smaller spaceships. Going at a rate of eighty to hundred light years per hour under good to optimal conditions, the Ostia was several times faster than the smaller spaceships she carried as cargo in her huge belly. Sometime in the afternoon, the Ostia was sched...

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