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An Anthology of Shakespearean Quotations

By: William Shakespeare; Tony Kline, Translator

A new Anthology of 1400 Quotations from the complete works arranged by theme.

Commands Compassion, Empathy, Mercy and Forgiveness Compliments and their Opposites Conscience and Doubt Constancy, Trust and Faith Courage and Cowardice Crime, Punishment, Justice and the Law Death and Fate Dishonour, Dishonesty, Inconstancy and Betrayal Doctors, Illness, Medicine England and Elsewhere Freedom and Imprisonment Friendship Good Advice and Bad Good Wishes and their Opposites Happiness and Sadness, Humour and Gravity Honour and Honesty Kings and Kingship Journeys and Travel Language and the Arts Learning, Literature, Wit, Wisdom and Foolishness London Love and Jealousy, Hatred and Envy Lust, Desire, Passion, Sexuality Madness and Sanity Magic, Astrology, Superstition, and the Supernatural Men Music, Song and Dance Myths and Fables Nature , Trees, Flowers, Creatures Ownership, Money and Possession Prayers, Pleas, Curses, Threats and Promises Pride and Humility Rank and Status, Power, Order, Custom and Authority Service and Slavery Sleep, Waking, Dreams, Visions and Imagination Sons and Daughters Theatre, Drama and the Stage Time Truths, Truisms, Proverbs and Philosophy War and Co...

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