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Laws of Destiny Never Disappear : Culture of Thailand in the Postlocal World

By: Matti Sarmela

...a hurry overtake recklessly. In Thailand, road traffic accidents cause the deaths of tens of thousands of people annually, but driving is unavoidable.... ...2000a). Theoretical applications in e.g. Sarmela 1979a. Julkunen - Sarmela 1987. (www.kolumbus.fi/matti.sarmela/index.html) 2. The concept of merito... ...acharas 1977. Sharp – Hanks 1978. Mulder 1978. Tomosugi 1980; 1995. Turton 1987. Nartsupha 2000. 4. Statistical Reports of Changwat Lampang 1972/198... ... Turton 1981 (1978). Izikowitz - Sörensen 1982. Sarmela 1984. Hamilton 1987. Rhum 1994. 8. Sarmela 1984. 9. On the concept of ethnoscape: Appadu... ...aufman 1962. Moerman 1968. Mizuno 1968. Potter 1974. Foster 1975b. Turton 1987. 12. The International Rice Research Institute or IRRI, which direct... ...eddes 1976). On ecological and social elements of swidden culture Sarmela 1987; 2000a. 16. Newspaper reports e.g. Bangkok Post 22.10.2001; 4.11.2001... ...ere and the number of victims has begun to decline, although statistics on deaths will continue to rise. Maybe deaths from Aids will gradually become ... ...y, and no longer have a future in any case. In densely populated villages, deaths of ten people from Aids constitutes a rare cause of death in recent ...

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