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Cyclopedia of Philosophy

By: Sam Vaknin

... professions due to their demography (aging population, low birth-rates, unnatural deaths in wars and slaughters). The Anti-Semite: Argument numbe... ...led in primitive societies to disputes and conflicts - including armed clashes and deaths. To prevent such recurrent and costly bloodshed was one o... ...efore, is the name that we give to a particular mode of delivery of energy. Eisen (1987) Emotions influence the organization of cognitions and all... ...ribe the same physical phenomena). C. A LITTLE HISTORY From its very inception in 1987, it was clear one of the gauge groups at the heart of E8XE8... ...e interrogation of suspects. It has thus fully embraced the recommendation of the 1987 Landau Commission, presided over by a former Supreme Court ... ...s' expectations of share price gyrations, in July reached levels not seen since the 1987 crash, and shot up again (two weeks ago)... Over the past f... ... a lot to do with mass psychology. How else can we account for the crash of October 1987? This goes to the heart of the undecided debate between tec...

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