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The Future of the Internet : And How to Stop It

By: Jonathan Zittrain

...rt II After the Stall—63 4 The Generative Pattern—67 5 T ethered Appliances, Software as Service, and Perfect Enforcement—101 6 The Lessons of Wikipe... ... to program the machines themselves, but true beginners simply could load up software written and then shared or sold by their more skilled or inspire... ...inker with it. Hobbyists wrote programs. Businesses began to plan on selling software. Jobs (and Apple) had no clue how the machine would be used. The... ...vate for the Apple II, only Apple would innovate for the iPhone. (A promised software development kit may allow others to program the iPhone with Appl... ...t backbone and asked that it be used only for noncommercial purposes, but by 1991 was eager to see it privatized. 36 Internet designers devised an en-... ...accepting commercial interconnections with- out network research pretexts in 1991. The public at large was soon able to sign up, which opened developm... ...’  C, C  I U   U S: 1989, at 1 (1991), available at http://www.census.gov/population/www/ socdemo/compute... ... H. S, P T. R. CSD-TR-933, T I W I-  (1991), available at http://homes.cerias.purdue.edu/∼spaf/tech-reps/933.pd... ... 108 Stat. 1796 (1994); United States v. Morris, 928 F .2d 504, 506 (2d Cir. 1991); Michael W . Carroll & Robert Schrader, Computer-Related Crimes, 32...

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