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Report on Orphaned Works

By: Marybeth Peters

...United States Senator United States Senate WASHINGTON, DC 20510 January 5, 2005 Ms. Marybeth Peters, Register of Copyrights James Madison Memorial Bui... ...BCOMMITTEE ON CYBERSECURITY, SCIENCE AND RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT January 7, 2005 SUBCOMMITTEE ON INFRASTRUCTURE AND BORDER SECURITY SUBCOMMITTEE ON IN... ...ICIAL (8181 764-1206 CONDUCT RANKING MEMBER HOWARD L. BERMAN January 10, 2005 The Honorable Marybeth Peters Register of Copyrights Library of Congre... ...to be worthy of further study. The Office was pleased that on January 5, 2005 Senators Orrin Hatch and Patrick Leahy asked the Register of Copyright... ...etail, and to provide a report with her recommendations. Also in January 2005, Representatives Lamar Smith and Howard Berman expressed interest in ... ...ters); 33 • audiovisual works (such as home videos and/or instructional films); 34 31 August 2... ... 34 See, e.g., Baker (253) (discussing films “produced by amateurs who did not include credits”); Kernochan (666)... ...ight); Romano (102) (finding it difficult to determine copyright status of films in a personal collection that date from 1894-1977); Meadow (438). 7... ...A (646); Public Knowledge (629); Future of Music (669); AIVF (663); Orphan Films, Center for the Study of the Public Domain (“Duke #1”) (596); DGA (6...

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