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Begin the Adventure : How to Break the Light Barrier

By: Florentin Smarandache

...ty is that the distortions of special relativity, in the words of two mid 20th-century Cornell University physicists, F. K. Richtmyer and E. H. Kenna... ...ollow that it is always physically effective. Twentieth-century science writers have generally followed Einstein's reality view; however, Rosser w... ...hronicle we proceed to get real with SS Alpha, the first starship. Mostly 20th-century technology goes into it. SS Alpha is to be built in space an... ...s the way it would happen. The Japanese, Chinese, Indians, Europeans and Americans all wanted to be first to reach another star; and a healthy, fie... ...ngOnline.com at: http://www.publishingonline.com/en/catalog/book.jhtml?id=americanR-motta- proceed\ingsOTSIC&_requestid=313. [7] Editors, Ad Astra...

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