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The Suffering of Being Kafka

By: Sam Vaknin

...ng relic and the putrid sheet concealing it. The next day, it was hauled by sturdy garbage collectors into a truck and, with assorted other junk, i... ...ent. He is writhing on the inlay, attempting tears. It's futile, I know. We both forgot the art of crying, except from torn veins. The light is wan... ...hing: the fullest trust, a willingness to yield. I remember having seen the following in an art house movie, it was a test: to fall, spread-eagled f... ... two-dimensional rendition of a layered archeological excavation. Come morning, I sniff my art and recoil, only to be captivated again by its monot... ...ary Club Award for Social Studies (1976), and the Bilateral Relations Studies Award of the American Embassy in Israel (1978). Hundreds of professio...

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