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Class Heroes: A Class Apart

By: Stephen Henning

... she tried to gauge what it was that Mrs Randerson aspired to. “You know how the Americans are with their children. They are like you – their childr... ... is to them. My friend who works for Fox keeps saying,” – Jasmin put on her best American accent – “‘Jazz, what the hell are you Brits playing at? W... ...ease stop,” said Sam, trying not to cry. James had made her watch several horror films with him, and each time it had given her nightmares. Now it f... ... and Soames left the room looking, thought Sam with amusement, like some kind of comedy double act. “Right,” said Dr Okocha when they had departed. ... ...at could happen to harm her if she approached Emma, 98 but a million horror films were conjured up in her head which told her to wait for Harde... ... Also, we need to get some white coats or something.” “What?” “Don’t you watch films? Put on a white coat in a hospital and you can go anywhere, d...

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