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One of Our Conquerors

By: George Meredith

... He thanked heaven to his wife often, that he had nothing to do with North American or South American mines and pastures or with South Africa and, gol... ...and in- structed Germans not deviously march; whom acute and ad- venturous Americans, with half a cock of the eye in passing, compassionately outstrip... ...nt of commercial matters: rivalries of Banks; Foreign and Municipal Loans, American Rails, and Argen- tine; new Companies of wholesome appearance or s... ...panese erudites. Delphica, with each of the rivals in turn, is very pretty Comedy. She is aware that M. Falarique is her most redoubtable adversary, b... ...e to work in the direction of the casuistries and the sensational webs and films. Facing Victor, it was a block. But the thought came: how could she m... ...and contemptuously, to be- come in the active, while it is exacted of hero Comedy of Clowns!—that in the passive she be a rockfortress impreg- nable, ...

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