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New Life Incognita

By: Gracie C. Mckeever

... Oh, hell no. This isn't happening. "We've got one victim down ... African-American male, early twenties ... wounds to the chest and abdomen..." Toy c... ...d, turned off the flame under the pan then brought a plate of cooked bacon strips to the table. "A little while. Decided to get an early start." Dagny... ...ow had been the perfect forum for Madam Camilla's interview as the host—an American Wiccan high priest—was a fundamentalist opposed to drugs and blunt... ...armhouse, turned to Kelly. "And you? What's your background?" "I'm African-American. My family's originally from the south. Georgia, to be specific." ... ...ll me, Dagny? Are you ... are you gay?" Kelly chuckled, glad for the brief comic relief. "I wish it were that simple. But the truth is more complicate...

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