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The Power in You

By: Wally Amos

...ege of Communication, Shawn went on to become an active and enthusiastic film student at New York University Tish School of the Arts, which by the ... ...go to the projection room and give the projectionist a different reel of film to show? The point is, you can't change the image shown on the screen... ...aring down the screen. In order to change the image, you must change the film in the projector. Life works the same way and you are the projector. ... ... THE POWER IN YOU 120 there were twenty, three million native,bom, adult Americans who could neither read nor write. These millions were called "fu... ... your mind. For instance, when I was a personal manager I wanted to alert producers, directors and casting agents to a client appearing on a TV sho... ...g my first years in business.) The Gerbers also were the first baby food producers to advertise on TV. There's an old axiom: "Find a need and fill ... ...ore Show from time to time. Whenever I went to a filming of the show, the producers would make sure I sat directly beneath one of the mikes that hu... ...dia's independence. It was faith that helped Martin Luther King, Jr. open American so' ciety to people of all races, creed, and color. It was faith...

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