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Empire and Wars

By: Sam Vaknin

... II. About "After the Rain" Containing the United States I. The Roots of Anti-Americanism II. Containing the United States III. Islam and Lib... ...pire V. The Democratic Ideal and New Colonialism VI. Add Me to the List VII. The American Hostel VIII. The Semi-failed State The War in Afghan... ...sons XIV. The Iraqi and the Madman XV. Just War or Just a War? The Roots of Anti-Americanism By: Dr. Sam Vaknin The United States is one of the... ...ope. Everyone is in on the take, the police especially. The events depicted in the film are not without historical precedent, but the moviemakers g... ...rough spastic reforms only to submerge once more in backwardness and venality. Oil-producers attempted some structural economic adjustments in the ... ...ck market facilitates the smuggling of cigarettes, software, home appliances, video films, weaponry, food, carpets - and virtually every other nece...

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