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The Vatican Conspiracy

By: Jonathan Cross

... is on the warpath again. I heard him shouting up and down the halls that the American Bishops were trying to rewrite Church Doctrine again.” Ignor... ...edo momentarily, but then he quickly reminded himself that this was the first American Pope in history, and more importantly the first one of Jewish... ...Not only because he had been newly appointed, but primarily because he was an American Cardinal, and the mood in the Vatican was to return the Papac... ...n waiting patiently in the Square, that the newly elected Pope was an unknown American Cardinal; the mostly Italian crowd stared at each other in di... ...n it was later discovered that Pope Francis was not only a recently appointed American Cardinal, but that he was of Jewish decent who had been adopte... ...ate. He was born a Muslim in the holy city of Ur, the birthplace of Abraham. Jews, Muslims, and Christians had worshipped peacefully in their own m... ...ing, had hired him to discover more caches of oil. His only quarrel with the Jews was that they had bombed an Iraqi power plant. 274 J.Cross/Arte... ... done so. His family was safe, and he had no personal animosities against any Jews. Growing up, he played with many of them as friends. And then t... ...festered into hatred toward the Americans, who had killed his family, and the Jews who they protected. He vowed to himself that they would pay with ...

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