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Bozo and the Storyteller

By: Matt Jones

...nt. ‘Where did you get that idea, my boy?’ he eventually replied. ‘We are Jews – Bretslav Jews.’ Theo nodded and then inquired, ‘And what do you hav... ...Theo nodded and then inquired, ‘And what do you have to do to be a Jew?’ ‘Jews are the Chosen People. We Bretslav also believe that the only way to ... ...driver with a cheerful grin. ‘The sun is almost setting, and on Saturdays Jews are not allowed to work. No driving. No music.’ ‘But it’s still Frida... ... No driving. No music.’ ‘But it’s still Friday,’ Theo protested. ‘But for Jews, each new day begins at sunset. Come! Join us for the evening meal.’ ... ...nt, if a little less enthusiastically than the men in the VW van. ‘Are you Jews?’ Theo asked, as they paused for a breather. The nun looked back at h... ...emen, this is your captain speaking once more. We have a request from the American authorities for Mr Amir and Prakash Vishal to come to the front o... ... been recovered in New York, the showcase for Freedom, De- mocracy and the American Way. He hoped that voters would remember that when it came to his...

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