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Interview with the Future

By: Rav Michael Laitman

...o bond with the Creator. We are doubly guilty here as not only do we, the Jews, not make progress, but by failing to do so, we prevent the progress ... ...th of Light,” as opposed to progress in the “Path of Pain.” When we, the Jews, do what we must, the entire world will support and follow us. Everyo... ... literally want to die. However, he will not be able to stop living. The Americans have already written on their Dollar: ‘In God We Trust’; the Ara... ...nly be found outside his world. Question: What are the superpowers that Jews have with regards to the management of the world; what is that speci... ...an of leadership that is found in their ‘spiritual genes’? Answer: The Jews will lead the world by their ascent to the upper world precisely by r... ...be a “Jew,” a “Hebrew,” meaning go over to the that side of the barrier. Jews are not a people; they are a group of people who acquired the method,...

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