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The Path of Splitness

By: Indrek Pringi

...e should he penetrate and split? Everythingness or Nothingness? He lost his male aggressiveness and confidence. As a result of his indecisiveness,... ...ch he could split all over again. In case you haven’t noticed; the Energy of male Impetus likes to penetrate things… and then go around and come ba... ...ines of mammals contain 24 vertebrae. This is why there are twelve notes on a musical scale. This is also why there are twelve meridians of the h... ...roperties of both waves and particles. This is why the main vibration of any musical note exists only as a whole, a half, and a third. This is why... ...ew lions? When there were millions of grazing animals? Why didn’t the North American natives colonize the land where millions of bison lived? It ... ...hapter Three: Summary of Hominid-Human development 205 The earliest North American cultures invented bone-tools and flint tools by themselves. B... ...ts time because it was mostly about pure meaninglessness… Super-sexy-slim actors… doing nothing but sitting around, eating pizza, drinking coffee... ...e of cleanliness? Affluent people who keep their homes spotless, go to movie theatres where they slop all of their food and drink containers onto th... ...ition of puppeteers outlasted all other Greek traditions? Why has the puppet theatre been the only ancient Greek tradition that has been handed down...

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