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Heroes of Unknown Seas and Savage Lands

By: J. W. Buel

...- Adventures in the New World -- The first white man that ever set foot on the American continent -- Killing of Thorwald by natives -- His last instru... ...- Snakes and crocodiles -- The return to France -- Bougainville in the war for American independence 415- 422 CHAPTER XL. A Brief Biography of Captain... ...breeze, and when the breeze is blowing will curse the whistlers, lest by their musical efforts a storm should, be provoked. He will not tell the numbe... ...ieved that the travellers heard strange whisperings in the air and concerts of musical instruments, and the drums and noises of armies, which so disco... ...emale of which is superstitiously believed to lay her eggs on the back of the male who flies about with them until they are hatched; he watched the p... ...s usually their custom. As soon as they occupied the city, they seized all the male population and locked them Tip in the churches, then issued a proc... ...s that such a performance would have met with universal applause on a European theatre; and it so far exceeded any attempt we had made to entertain th... ... possible to distinguish the different movements; though one might suppose the actors were now almost tired, as their performance had lasted nearly ha... ...ek, not unlike what is sometimes practised in the comic dances on our European theatres. They formed the triple semi-circle as the preceding dancers h...

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