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Listen with Your Heart

By: Barbara Scott

...rbara Scott 2 Listen With Your Heart By Barbara Scott Listen With Your Heart 3 ... ...mary Donnelly Listen With Your Heart 5 Prologue The Victoria Theatre, Dayton, Ohio, 1866 He’s out! Finished. ... ...ght, his audience would clamor for a refund. And the shame of the Victoria Theatre presenting a magician who could not pull a scarf out of his sleev... ...Halverson’s new minstrel show which folded two nights after opening, of the musical pantomime Schwann had in rehearsal lampooning Boss Tweed and Tam... ...ing as he crashed against it. “No, Daniel! It’s not...” she heard another male voice call out. “Don’t stop him. Let him save her. It may be jus... ...bout making the arrangements already. We believe if you were married to an American citizen— “ He exploded. “Married? You must be mad. I’ve bar... ...t been?” “My name is Falkner. And I’ve been here long enough to know how Americans treat intruders.” The man was as tall as Daniel, and block s... ...to step into the role. The director and the crew were on payroll, half the actors on contract, just waitin’ for Helene. I dragged my feet cancelli... ... “Specifically, Danny, the female audience should want to identify, and the male audience should want to ravish. Morgan has the aptitude to send ev...

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