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In the Eye of the Beholder

By: By Sharon E. Cathcart

... end, I thank my husband Jeffrey Cathcart, my dear friend Tom Westlake, and actors Gerard Butler and Earl Carpenter for inspiration. I am also grat... ...hcart, who became Pierre in these pages. Jacket design by James Courtney (c) Sharon E. Cathcart, 2009. All rights reserved. 2 Chapter 1 Paris, Franc... ...bers to prepare for the night’s performance. Overhead, I heard a beautiful male voice singing. This was not the first time: probably one of the 4... ...cs a month. I could not even hold the bank account in my name as long as a male relative was available to manage the funds for me. It was a generou... ...e out of my reach, but I had no opportunity for dining out or attending the theatre. I sighed wistfully and returned to the carriage with my small p... ...tonight. I will send a note to your cousin, and to the fools who manage my theatre. You need a night to rest.” I could see there was no arguing wit... ...e that Erik was safely away from the opera house, and presented me with the musical monkey. Madame Giry’s eye’s widened. “It is one of his most pre... ...osom like the prow of a ship. She left a calling card, and invited us to a musical evening at their home just a few nights hence. Lady Harrington ... ...y favorite recipes for madeleines and cheese crisps, and had Russian tea and American coffee on offer. The ladies came to the first one in droves, a...

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