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The Path of Splitness

By: Indrek Pringi

...e should he penetrate and split? Everythingness or Nothingness? He lost his male aggressiveness and confidence. As a result of his indecisiveness,... ...ch he could split all over again. In case you haven’t noticed; the Energy of male Impetus likes to penetrate things… and then go around and come ba... ... fast-slow, far-near, forward-back, degeneration, re-composition, life-death, male-female, in-out, positive polarity- negative polarity. The ... ... born. The four mathematical symbols of: 0-1-2-3 represents the four organic stages of development which our Universe went through in order to get ... ...olution. Its brain grew so large that the growth of the fetus split into two stages. 1 st Stage; Inside the womb 2 nd Stage; Outside... ...owly outside the womb. Its evolution of imbalanced splitting reached the stage where it was split at birth; split off from the safety of its wo... ...ew lions? When there were millions of grazing animals? Why didn’t the North American natives colonize the land where millions of bison lived? It ... ...hapter Three: Summary of Hominid-Human development 205 The earliest North American cultures invented bone-tools and flint tools by themselves. B... ...plitting with crude stones as the first form of stone technology. After North American humans began splitting Mammoth-bones: did they start evolving...

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