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The Marketing of Ideas and Social Issues

By: Seymour Fine

...ever been, taken as the spread of propaganda. Another reason for adopting this philosophy is that the word propaganda suffers from pejorative co... ...nts and needs reign supreme.) The Marketing Concept The marketing concept is the philosophy that the consumer's interest is the starting point if n... ...istics by which one discipline can be distinguished from another is the particular philosophy or method customarily employed by each discipline in so... ...rts intervally scaled variables into ordinal or nominal classes to meet particular analytic needs. Here, the need is simply to create a manageably ... ...anding and teasing, may be termed intimate marketing. This category is.a matter of analytic perspective. Analyzed by a religious person, marriage is... ...onal scaling for statistically exploring virtually any number of attributes. This analytic technique makes it possible to simultaneously compare co... ...n the road to government-sponsored manpower programming. One branch continued the philosophy of the past, namely, that of maximizing the quantity of... ...cation of manpower needs. this approach addresses the problem with a more enduring philosophy. saying in effect. not "Let us employ the hard-to-empl... ...t on the "cold sores" of society and ignored the "cancers.” Few of the impressive analytical powers of market researchers have been applied to solv...

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