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Cyclopedia of Philosophy

By: Sam Vaknin

...gs: http://philosophos.tripod.com The Silver Lining – Ethical Dilemmas in Modern Films http://samvak.tripod.com/film.html Download free anthol... ...ved the inedible parts as trophies. These lurid deeds inspired a slew of books and films, most notably The Silence of the Lambs with Hannibal (Lect... ...estructible entity. The artifacts of popular culture - thrillers, action and sci-fi films, video games, computer viruses - assume that all organisms... ...cies are able to co-produce ad campaigns in a real time interaction; Cinema and TV films are produced from disparate geographical spots through the... ... and are available to anyone with a computer. The last decade witnessed a spate of films, all concerned with the confusion between life and the imi...

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