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The Coming of Messiah in Glory and Majesty: Volume II

By: Juan Josafat Ben Ezra

...will not terminate in this centre, do not pertain to the essential unity of the body of Christ, or to the true Christian church. Second Notion,... ...me church, which is the priesthood, or, speaking with greater propriety, to the body of pastors. This active part is what we truly Coming of Messia... ...ally to the end that, in his time he might have in the holy land a considerable body of the nation and of the priesthood, who should either receive ... ...d God smelt a sweet savour.” Gen. viii. 21. And the church, in the canon of the mass, prayeth to God that he would accept that sacrifice, “as thou d... ...s picture meet together in his palace? In the very supper, and even in the very mass, were not the paschal lamb and the august sacrament of the altar... ...Peter v. 11. FINIS Coming of Messiah Vol. 2 Part III. CONSULTING INDEX OF VOLUME II. PAGE* SIXTH Phenomenon is the Christian C...

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