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The Williams Record

By: Student Media

...CC/\ j o 2 jcm: "^ o C[rtnt(m5 iiiXfl* 56fforoj VOL. XXI WILLIAMSTOWN, MASS., MONDAY, MARCH 18, 1907 NO. 1 THE HATCHET BURIED Conclusion of Hostil... ...ofiice as second class matter. The Excelsior Printing Company North Adams, Mass. .M.4UCI! iS, 1907 Inaugural With the present issue The Record passes ... ... be delivered on subjects which are of personal interest to the stu- tleut-body. It may be added in passing that a number of last year's communication... ...rid by its higli quMllty For sale by all daalers Draper Hotel Northampton^ Mass. Chas. Bowker, Prop. Theodore B. Starr riadison Square, New Yoric Diam... ...tli Williams. The resolution rends: "Voted, That the attack of the student-body of Willinms upon the Dartmouth basketball team at the recent gnnie nt ... ...groat provoivition it was diHioull to blame the stn- dontH, as any student body wmihl doubtlesH have noted similarly. No (illicial word of apology for... ...lation head cov- .ering. Rei;ulations on Entrance Require- ments—Teachers' Index At a faculty meeting, held Mon- day evening, there was consider- able...

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