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The Marketing of Ideas and Social Issues

By: Seymour Fine

...al health Metric system Military recruiting Minimum wage Motorcycle helmet use Museums Nature conservation New york city Nuclear energy Nudis... ...ered by such institutions as libraries, post offices, YMCAs, chambers of commerce, museums, the Red Cross and so on. Offerings of nonprofit health c... ...on promoting education for Hispanics is called Aspira, Spanish for "aspire," and a museum in San Francisco calls itself The Exploratorium. Criticiz... ... mass transit for visiting several points of interest, centers of performing arts, museums and so on -the possibilities are endless. Energy conserv... ...on trialability and then segmenting the market on the basis of fear appeals. (Some British "Think Before You Drink Before You Drive" commercials pull... ... that separate ideas, goods and services. Ricklef (in Gaedeke 1977) describes how museums run gift shops and conduct festivals celebrating the cult... ... Ill. : Free Press. Pol1ay, Richard W. 1968. " A Model of Family Decision Making." British Journal of Marketirzg 33, 206-16. Pool, Ithiel De Sola, ...

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