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Class Heroes: A Class Apart

By: Stephen Henning

... London. They had been on a day trip to St Paul’s Cathedral and the Imperial War Museum. There were shrieks, giggles, mobile ringtones, and competi... .... Anika was tearing out sheets of paper from another girl’s set of Imperial War Museum worksheets, screwing them up, and handing them to Emma. Emma... ... it might have had when it was new had long since been tarnished by time and the British weather. PC O’Brien of the Metropolitan Police trudged up a... ...poken to any of them so far because I have been too upset, I may decide that the British public, and people around the world, have a right to know h... ...p if we had him treated in the US by the very best doctors. 53 That way the British police would have no jurisdiction anyway. We’d pick up the ...

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