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The Public Domain : Enclosing the Commons of the Mind

By: James Boyle

...ol Number: 2008932282 A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library. This paper meets the requirements of ANSI/NISO Z39.48–19... ...d a search. Was it an official and prestigious institution? A university or a museum or a government? Sometimes those are our sources of information, o... ...en imagine it coupled to the efforts of the great state archives and private museums who themselves would be free to do the same thing. Think of the p... ...alid constitutional claim to fair use of a painting by photographing it in a museum. Fair use has never been held to be a guarantee of access to copyr... ...ry embodi- ment of all that is wrong. (I still cherish a friend’s account of British protesters outside the American Embassy in London singing “D-M-C-... ...structions, carry out the desired operations, and write the answer down. The British mathematician Alan T uring imagined something like this—a little ... ...n with the new right, many companies dropped out. At the end of the day, the British database industry—the strongest per- former in Europe—added about... ...industry’s proposal for retrospective extension was effectively a tax on the British music-buying public to benefit the copyright holders of a tiny pro... ...ca v. Universal City Studios, Inc., 464 U.S. 417 (1984). 18. See Tina Balio, Museum of Broadcast Communications, “Betamax Case,” Encyclopedia of TV (1...

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