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The World Factbook: 1987

By: Central Intelligence Agency

...gh mid-1987; major political events have been updated through 26 March 1987; military age figures are projected for 1987-91. Notes, Definitions, and ... ...e PDPA claims 160,000 members (1986) Other political or pressure groups: the military and other branches of internal security are being rebuilt by the... ... operational battalions, Ministry for State Security (WAD), People's Militia Military manpower: males 15-49, about 3,483,000; 1,868,000 fit for milita... ...e, 10.3% manufacturing; shortage of skilled labor and all types of technical personnel; over 14% are unem- ployed Organized labor: 15% of labor force;... ...n: 4,646,054 (July 1987), average annual growth rate 2.44% Nationality: noun Chadian(s); adjec- tive Chadian Ethnic divisions: some 200 distinct ethni... ...e posts, 9 municipalities Legal system: based on French civil law system and Chadian customary law; con- stitution adopted in 1962; constitution suspe... ...commerce, 27% services, 13% government; shortage of technical and managerial personnel; 30% unemployment Organized labor: about 33% of labor force (19... ...ons, first autho- rized in 1964, formed in oil industry and among government personnel Government Official name: State of Kuwait Type: nominal constit...

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