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Encyclopedia of Home Remedies for Better Life

By: Dr Izharul Hasan

...or example, arthritis in the hands, wrists or fingers can make working at the computer near impossible. While it can be quite debilitating it is not ... ...one position for several hours • Sit on an ergonomic chair when working on a computer or make sure that your chair supports the small of your back ... ...in is severe, you can also wear the carpel tunnel splint while working on the computer. There are special wrist supports available in the market, whi... ... E oil to the corn, cover with a gauze square, and wrap the toe with adhesive tape. Alternate between using vitamin E oil and tea tree oil. ... ...kdown of active estrogen by the liver. (The liver has many jobs—processing and storage of nutrients, breakdown of internal and external toxins, manuf... ... think creatively. Try quiet activities such as coloring, game books, books on tape and playing cards. • Dress your child in light cotton pajamas so... ... is essential for digestion, particularly of fats. The gallbladder works as a storage facility for bile and it releases it whenever food is consumed... ... A number of worms infest humans, including hookworms, threadworms, pinworms, tapeworms, whipworms, and flukes. Symptoms can include abdominal pain,... ...VERWEIGHT/OBESITY Obesity is a physical condition that results from excessive storage of fat in the body. Obesity has been defined as a weight more ...

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