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The Path of Splitness

By: Indrek Pringi

...ols vs. Life Pg 508 The Dynamics of Distraction Pg 520 The Culture of Mass Media Pg 523 Hollywood and Perfection Pg 527 Tool Principles vs. Hu... ...But there remains that faint un-measurable energy imprint leftover, the memory-tape imprint of reflective, abstractive human life-energy. If human... ...he more we are attracted to it and fascinated by it.. Similarly: the memory-tape-pattern of human awareness, psyche-soul does not fade after a pers... ...abstractive life-energy which stays separate-frozen, as an accumulated memory-tape. No feedback, no change, isolation: complete separateness; the co... ...s first emerged; there were no schools, cars, or cities. No books, libraries, media, and no jobs: the concepts of work and school did not exist. Ye... ...any and its flawed attempt to bury its recent past. Now German children have computers, and are discovering that they have been lied to. Now, they ... ...of obsolescence have been constantly accelerating until today; perfectly good computers are being thrown away after less than four years of use becau... ...nternet were about either pornography, or Brittney Spears. Why? Because the computer is an expensive toy designed for mostly trivial interests and... ...ecame worshiped in Egypt as domesticated cats that killed mice in their grain storage vaults: the vaults of greed and death. The Egyptians brought a...

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