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Surviving the Economic Crisis : Current and Future Trends

By: Mark W. Medley

... a low income job. In 1929, this would not be considered poverty, but wealth. Consumer goods are far cheaper compared to incomes, then anytime in hu... ...nfusion through these almost broke banks, that is going to be passed onto the consumer. Bear in mind, we are not talking about Zimbabwe here, but th... ...elease any spare cash in our pockets to enable us to spend. 3. Lower priced Consumer Goods Exporters will lower prices for their products, and d... ... of these industries, governments will have to give some kind of incentive to consumers to buy from these industries. If it's a price incentive, the... ... Buying National products could be perceived as Nationalistic, although consumers have usually bought on price. In the USA, the engine of the g... ...d, needs. And chances are, they themselves may have something you need. So in theory, exchanging goods for the equivalent value of another, does not...

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