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The Path of Splitness

By: Indrek Pringi

.... Cause and Effect can also be defined by Newton’s Third Law of Motion which states: “For every action: there is an equal and opposite reaction.” ... .... Then there would be no black hole at all. Newton’s Third Law of Motion states: “For every action: there is an equal and opposite reaction.” ... ...hese two sources. If Russia had not bankrupted itself by trying to match the United States in its atomic nuclear capabilities for global destruction... ...hat the highest concentration is at the top, not at the bottom. Today in the United States: 1% of its population holds 40% of its wealth, 4% of its ... ...with the exception of the new recruits who had not yet taken part in a raiding party, or frequented a whore yet: literally all of Napoleon’s soldiers... ...wer of the rich countries? If the poor countries ever get a middle class and democratic governments that actually enforce policies in the interest o... ...Government has systematically undermined, sabotaged and aborted any socialist/democratic movement in poor countries who want to improve their lot; b... ...indlessly abiding by the civilized laws and regulations, you yourself become a party to every corruption of that system. Thoreau insisted that in or... ... respectable for 11,500 years. So apparently, 11,500 years of historians, and senators, and kings and queens, and priests, and leaders, and all the ...

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