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Listen with Your Heart

By: Barbara Scott

... blackballed in every respectable house in the country. Opening night! He picks opening night of all nights.” One foot still tangled in the kn... ...course not! I plan to rip it off me and stuff it up the chimney. I detest drafts from faulty flues.” Barbara Scott 72 “My flues are not faulty... ...retty boats.” The puffs from the fluted stacks of the riverboats were like nuggets of smoky topaz on the wide necklace of the river. Barges strung ... ...lf trussed up and gagged and headed on a Christmas journey that would end in Denver. Falkner glanced at his pocket watch. The last train west shoul... ...bed strewn with fur blankets occupied the space before the hearth, cold and drafty now, though Duff promised peat within the hour. He told them he ...

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