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The Clever Woman of the Family

By: Charlotte Mary Yonge

...n search of ruins, camps, churches, and towers. The colonel had a turn for geology, though a wan- dering life even with an Indian baggage-train had sa... ...ement, and the charge was made against Maria Rawlins, alias Hatherton. The depositions were read over to the children, and signed by them; with very t... .... Mr. Grey began to write, and she perceived that he was tak- ing down her deposition. She beckoned Mary to support her poor little companion, and ris... ...arding this reply, however, Mr. Beauchamp re- quested Mr. Grey to take his deposition, stating his own belief in the identity of the person before him... ...er childish memory by the very means taken to secure her silence. When the depositions were read over, their remarkable and independent accor- dance w...

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