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Mankind in the Making

By: H. G. Wells

...the ironical silences that follow great controversies, nakedly ignorant of geology, biology, psychol- ogy, and modern biblical criticism; or it may ha... ...chool pulpit flourish, of course. A triennial walk to a chalk-pit is Field Geology, and vague half-holiday wanderings are Botany Rambles. “Art” of the... ... but fifteen years ago the courses in elementary physics and in elementary geology were quite childishly silly in this respect. Both these courses see... ...discover—and a week or so in making a needless barometer. In the course in geology, days and days were spent in drawing ideal crystal- line forms and ... ...d sub- tler than the average child can possibly attain. And as for botany, geology, history, and geography (beyond the range already specified), these... ...us kinds—offences that established the fact of unfit- ness and resulted in deposition, might be drawn up. It might be found desirable in the case of c...

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