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Fire and für : The Last Sorcerer Dragony

By: Roger C. Schlobin

...UTOBIOGRAPHY Roger C. Schlobin is a Visiting Assistant Professor of English at East Carolina University and Professor Emeritus of Purdue Unive... ...reening her fading bronze scales with her tail and foolishly ogling every male in the place; Ao Jun, fascinated with everything and knowing nothing, ... ... scars that marked his chest and neck. Mumblings of praise rose from the male dragonettes. He led them in the elaborate, mental war games that sen... ...?" "Challenge?" Suddenly, one sound began to dominate. It was the young males, chanting: "THE SUN, THE SUN, WE WANT THE SUN." Over and over again... ... of the magic makers, the spellbinders, the star trippers, the poets, the singers. Once read, once heard, they haunt, dreams in the mist. Their ec...

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