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In the Eye of the Beholder

By: By Sharon E. Cathcart

...bers to prepare for the night’s performance. Overhead, I heard a beautiful male voice singing. This was not the first time: probably one of the 4... ...d never received flowers in my room; that was always for the chorus girls or singers. I was merely the horse woman and not sought after by admirers,... ...many different countries and could converse passably in German, Italian and English by the time I returned to Baincthuin. By the same token, I loved... ...cs a month. I could not even hold the bank account in my name as long as a male relative was available to manage the funds for me. It was a generou... ... am what Francois always called an overeducated chit,” I laughed. “I speak English fairly well.” I did not point out that, no matter where we went,... ...e, you’ll not be destitute,” he explained). We worked daily on improving my English by reading Shakespeare’s works, and even began to teach Gilbert.... ...ed the nightclubs of Monmartre. I had never been to a follies and seen the singers and dancers there. Again, no one seemed at all shocked at a wom... ...arden for the opera on Christmas Eve. It’s a mixed program, and one of the singers is from France. She thought that you might enjoy it.” She drop... ...was grateful for the black weeds that held off potential suitors. I had no male guardian, and so was considered ripe spoils for the taking. It se...

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