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And Gulliver Returns Book IV : A Look at Our Human Values

By: Lemuel Gulliver XVI

...saying one thing while doing something different? Why don‘t more American males wear condoms if they are going to have sex. ―Look at the risin... ...the mountain. He survived. On another Everest expedition, David Sharp, an Englishman, on his way down did not have oxygen. Many climbers passed him.... ...til he died. Under French law one is required to help. Under American and English common law there is no requirement. It was legal for Englishmen to... ...ier church council seriously debated whether females even had souls. If a male fetus younger than four weeks old is aborted, was it a human life? ... ... come from valid basic assumptions. But, as with the case of the Taliban, male supremacy reduced women and non-believers to a nearly non-human status... ... liberals.‖ 56 ---―Hey Ray, is it true that God is really an Englishman of the early 17 th Century? Did God speak to Moses as an Engli... ...e tax breaks to symphony orchestras and operas and to their musicians and singers? How about secular private schools and hospitals? What about fitne...

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