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Kabbalah Revealed

By: Rav Michael Laitman

...n in- creases, desire proportionally decreases. Therefore, when the desire is gone, so is the pleasure. It turns out that to enjoy something, we mus... ...Creator, gives to the creature, which is Phase One, and the creature, having gone through Phases One, Two, and Three, gives back to the Creator by ... ...ning the second is the actual goal. Let’s clarify this with an example. In the film, What the Bleep Do We Know!?, Dr. Candace Pert explains that if ... ... Lean’s article: “The Big Thaw: Global Disaster Will Follow If the Ice Cap on Greenland Melts.” And the subtitle, “Now scientists say it is vanishin... ...must pay, I will tell my “inner broker”: “Buy! Buy! Buy!” turning the lights green across my mental Wall Street board. We can change our priorities,... ...imate changes, air quality, and nearby plants. This is why we grow plants in greenhouses and artificially fertilize the land. We try to create the ... ... environ- ment; I can reinforce the influence of that environment with books, films, and magazine articles. Any means that increases and supports my... ... to increase my desire for it, I need only have the right friends, books, and films around me. Human nature will do the rest. If a group of people d...

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